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New North-South issues in the digital economy

Cédric Leterme English français The production, development and dissemination of digital technologies are raising concerns – political, economic, and environmental – that are increasingly being debated. However, their consequences on North-South relations are still too often ignored. Yet they run the risk of deepening inequalities, while creating new forms of dependence and exploitation. “Platform capitalism” […]

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From Rural Digital Divides to Local Solutions

By Nicol Turner-LeePhotography by Mark Williams-Hoelscher The road to Garrett County, Maryland Thick snow flurries fell on the night that my colleague Mark Hoelscher, then Brookings’s resident photographer, and I left Washington, D.C., driving northwest on Interstate 270 toward Garrett County, Maryland. The trip, which is normally three hours, took five given the blinding and […]

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2019 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability

Check out the findings of the 2019 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index, which evaluates 24 of the world’s most powerful internet, mobile, and telecommunications companies on their disclosed commitments and policies affecting freedom of expression and privacy of internet users across the world. Notably, Microsoft ranks number one on the index for disclosing more […]