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Learning Digital Literacy Is Key

The internet we live with is our own creation—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Maybe we got the internet we deserved when we allowed government, largely responsible for inventing it, to surrender any meaningful oversight of how it would best serve the common good, or when industry decided that this life-changing technology belonged under […]

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Computers are marvellous!’: older people embrace internet in lockdown has prompted some people to confront their insecurities about venturing online Amelia [email protected] Wed 10 Mar 2021 16.22 GMT Before the pandemic struck, 79-year-old Jim Whelan barely used his computer. The online world was a mystery and an irrelevance to him. A year on, however, Whelan can give computer geeks half his age a […]

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Digital Literacy Report

Report Shows How Businesses are Addressing Occupational Digital Literacy A new report from National Skills Coalition and Cognizant U.S. Foundation sheds light on how policymakers can usher in a more equitable era of digital skills training for working adults Washington, D.C. — National Skills Coalition (NSC), in partnership with the Cognizant U.S. Foundation, today released a new […]

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The FCC Says It Is All About Closing the Digital Divide. How Is It Doing?

 You’re reading the Benton Institute for Broadband & Society’s Weekly Digest, a recap of the biggest (or most overlooked) broadband stories of the week. The digest is delivered via e-mail each Friday. Round-Up for the Week of September 21-25 The Federal Communications Commission’s top priority is closing the digital divide. In its latest inquiry into […]

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The Distance Learning Gap in California

Today we launched a new report that examines the distance learning gap among K-12 households in CA. This is similar to a previous report which was limited to Los Angeles county. The new report is attached, and the key findings are pasted below. We also built an interactive map that helps visualize the data: I would appreciate […]

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Agonizing Over Screen Time? Follow the Three C’s

Parents can let down their guard a bit. What matters is child, content and context. By Erika R. Cheng and Tracey A. Wilkinson It’s 8 a.m. as the two of us sign on to Zoom to discuss this article. Various Disney musicals blare in the backgrounds of both sides of our conversation as we sip our coffees and […]

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Digirights for Citizens

Digital Rights for Citizens – Free Online Course: The free Digital Rights for Citizens online course runs from 22nd January – 12th February 2019. During the course, hosted by Open Knowledge Finland (OKF), and funded by the Internet Society (ISOC) and the Finnish Foreign Ministry, students will learn about their new digital rights after […]

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This report will outline how investment in efforts to increase digital inclusion wouldimprove Cuyahoga County service delivery in many ways. Especially notable is by improving opportunities for and the quality of online transactions. And by interweaving digital literacy training and support into existing departmental programming, the county can extend theeffectiveness of existing initiatives while also […]

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Digital Agility: Embracing a Holistic Approach to Digital Literacy in the Liberal Arts

Authors: by Beth Bohstedt and Sundilu Richard Published: Wednesday, January 8, 2020 Columns:Transforming Higher Ed A group of institutions is collaborating to identify what digital agility means in the liberal arts and to encourage the use of that definition to guide institutional initiatives that involve digital agility. Jenny, a computer science major, graduates at the top of her class. Her professors […]

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A Tale of Tackling the Digital Divide

By Doug Dawson Dec 26, 2019 7:57 AM PST A new book came out in November that tells about one of the first attempts to solve the digital divide on a large scale. The book is The Charisma Machine: The Life, Death, and Legacy of One Laptop per Child published by MIT Press and available on Amazon and […]