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Hackers demand $70 million to restore data held by companies hit in ransomware attack

The cybercrime gang broke into an information technology firm Friday, setting off a chain reaction that paralyzed the computers of hundreds of firms worldwideAuthor of the article: Reuters Raphael Satter Publishing date: Jul 05, 2021  • Hackers suspected to be behind a mass extortion attack that affected hundreds of companies worldwide late on Sunday demanded US$70 […]


A People-Centric Approach to Securing Cyberspace

Candace Rondeaux Friday, May 14, 2021 The internet today is on the brink of reaching a state of entropy, as anyone who tried to fill up the gas tank of their car anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States this week knows. Nearly a week after a crafty network of cybercriminals penetrated the databases […]


Ransomware attack disrupts Irish health services

IT systems shut down and some medical appointments cancelled after attempt to access data Rory Carroll Ireland [email protected] 14 May 2021 12.02 BST Ireland’s state health services provider has shut all its IT systems and cancelled some medical appointments after what it described as a “significant ransomware attack” overnight caused widespread disruption. Paul Reid, the Health […]

Cyberattacks cybersecurity

The Underbelly of Ransomware Attacks: Local Governments

Local governments are under siege by ransomware. A new set of recommendations released by the Institute for Security + Technology’s Ransomware Task Force seeks to address the problem. Blog Post by Guest Blogger for Net Politics May 10, 2021 12:35 pm (EST) Michael Garcia is the senior policy advisor for Third Way’s National Security program, a 2021 Shawn Brimley […]

Cyberattacks cybersecurity

78% of Cybersecurity Professionals Expect an Increase in DNS Threats, Yet Have Reservations

By Alban KwanEast Asia Regional Director at CSC February 24, 2021 Views: 106 Add Comment A recent survey conducted by the Neustar International Security Council confirmed the heightened interests on domain name system (DNS) security. The survey reveals that over three-quarters of cybersecurity professionals anticipate increases in DNS attacks, especially with more people shopping online amid the pandemic. Yet, […]


First rule of Ransomware Club is do not pay the ransom, but it looks like Carlson Wagonlit Travel didn’t get the memo

$4.5m may have gone into crims’ pockets after bookings biz hit by Ragnar Locker nasty Fri 31 Jul 2020 // 12:50 UTC40  GOT TIPS?Gareth CorfieldBIOEMAILTWITTER SHARE Exclusive US corporate travel management firm Carlson Wagonlit Travel has suffered an intrusion and it is believed the company paid a $4.5m ransom to get its data back. The attack hit the company a week ago, causing a […]

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A Peaceful Cyberspace

Geneva-based CyberPeace Institute offers a beacon of hope for cybersecurity in an increasingly unsecured and dangerous cyberspace. By Victoria A. Brownworth Spring 2020(Photo by iStock/Urupong)  Think of software like a web of code, woven as a system that is supposed to be intact, but in which small holes can exist unknowingly,” Marietje Schaake explained in a […]

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Hacker ‘ceasefire’ gets little traction as pandemic fuels attacks

Published 2 days ago  on April 3, 2020 ByAgence France-PresseFacebookTwitterFlipboardCopy LinkEmail Internet users have seen a surge in COVID-related cyberattacks and fraud schemes which could add to the misery of the pandemic, even as some hackers have called for dialing back their criminal efforts. A deluge of attacks has included phishing emails purported to be from health […]

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War Dialing’ Tool Exposes Zoom’s Password Problems

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to force people to work from home, countless companies are now holding daily meetings using videoconferencing services from Zoom. But without the protection of a password, there’s a decent chance your next Zoom meeting could be “Zoom bombed” — attended or disrupted by someone who doesn’t belong. And according to data […]

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Holding Class on Zoom? Beware of These Hacks, Hijinks and Hazards

By Tony Wan     Mar 27, 2020 This article is part of the guide Sustaining Higher Education in the Coronavirus Crisis. On Tuesday, Kristina Ishmael was watching a webinar about how coronavirus will impact K-12 education policy, when the screen was suddenly flooded by pictures of pornographic images and racial slurs. The moderator turned […]