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How Cubans make island Internet work for them

Cuba has been increasing Internet access, but the current digital divide grows, too. CASSANDRA BROOKLYN – 2/10/2021, 8:00 AM As countless Cubans have proudly told me over the years, “Cubans invent.” They use creative workarounds to get by in an environment with limited access to outside resources. Glass beer bottles are sawed off to become drinking glasses; […]


Cuba legalizes private Wi-Fi, importation of routers

ByMICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN, ASSOCIATED PRESS Cuba announced Wednesday that it is legalizing private Wi-Fi networks and the importation of equipment like routers, eliminating one of the world’s tightest restrictions on internet use. The measure announced by state media provides a legal status to thousands of Cubans who created homemade digital networks with smuggled equipment that was illegal […]