Email has never been huge in China, and it’s down to a combination of cultural factors and timing.

Email has never been huge in China, and it’s down to a combination of cultural factors and timing.I In May 2008 I was teaching at a private English school in Yangshuo, a small town in southern China. It is an idyllic place to study, with limestone hills, known as karst, decorating the riverine landscape. When […]

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Isolated from the rest of the world, one woman pushed computing from a geeky obsession into a transformative industry.

The computer pioneer who built modern China By Leila McNeill19th February 2020 In April 1960, China’s first home-grown electronic digital general purpose computer – the Model 107 – went live. Xia Peisu, the machine’s engineer and designer, had just made history. After decades of war with Japan and the Chinese Civil War in the first […]


China internet: Top talking points of 2019 and how they evaded the censors

By Kerry AllenBBC Monitoring 31 December 2019 China has one of the most tightly controlled internet environments in the world, but despite this its 854 million internet users yet again in 2019 found ways to challenge the government or talk about the issues they want to discuss. This year, China has seen a reignited #MeToo […]

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Facebook’s Digital Money Plan Raises Stakes For China’s Cryptocurrency Ambitions

July 31, 20198:46 AM ET EMILY FENG A Chinese national flag flutters in front of the People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, in Beijing. The bank plans to launch a cryptocurrency.Andy Wong/AP When Facebook announced plans in June to launch a new digital currency called Libra, the news sent monetary officials scrambling in […]

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China is Teaching the United States a Lesson on Blockchain Policy

What is blockchain and why does it matter? Essentially a mysterious entity known only as Satoshi Nakamoto developed the foundational technology to create a decentralized, open source, verifiable and immutable ledger for internet transactions. However the concept of a distributed peer-to-peer internet where power and control is determined by a decentralized consensus directly contradicts the […]


The China Internet Report 2019 shows a country leading in innovations and trends

China is leading the race for technology and innovation in various aspects of people’s daily lives, according to a newly released report. South China Morning Post has published its “China Internet Report 2019”, unveiling trends in China’s internet landscape this year and recapping the achievements of Chinese tech companies for 2018. China has been a pioneer […]


Beijing Normal University Internet Institute holds inauguration ceremony

12019-06-19 : Mo Hong’eECNS App Download In the morning of June 19, 2019, the Beijing Normal University Internet Institute was inaugurated and the China Internet Corporate Social Responsibility Summit was held in Beijing. As a tribute to the 25th anniversary of China’s accessing the internet, the institute released the “2019 Research Report on Corporate […]

China Cyberattacks

China behind massive Australian National University hack, intelligence officials say

Officials fear data breach may be used to recruit students or university alumni as informants Michael McGowan @mmcgowan Thu 6 Jun 2019 2019  Intelligence officials believe China may have been behind a massive data breach which compromised the personal details of thousands of Australian National University students and staff. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that senior intelligence officials have pointed […]

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China Demands Control over ‘A.I. Governance’

JOHN HAYWARD31 May 20191645:14 China’s state-run Global Times on Thursday demanded a leading role for Beijing in formulating the global rules governing artificial intelligence (AI). The Chinese paper was correct to believe that AI is something everyone in the world should be concerned about, but neglected to mention that China is one of the big reasons they […]