Artificial Intelligence

AI Teaches Itself Diplomacy

Another classic game deepens a skillset with broad applications—diplomatic savvy often needed in a pinch, crunch, or imbroglio By Matthew Hutson,03-04-21&utm_content=httpsspectrumieeeorgtechtalkroboticsartificialintelligenceailearnsdiplomacygaming&mkt_tok=NzU2LUdQSC04OTkAAAF7nMMyVC-j5N5uOawKqXpf_i8cf746nKNoMfIRTafrxIhgi4BhUkD-i07_T5qNA5AEd1FMmS55JfNCjlpWJodBLP8HdpI5CTAUYwRwsEz_AHs Now that DeepMind has taught AI to master the game of Go—and furthered its advantage in chess—they’ve turned their attention to another board game: Diplomacy. Unlike Go, it is seven-player, it requires a combination of competition and cooperation, […]