SPARK Podcast Technology allows us to predict most disasters, so why are we still so unprepared for them? How machine learning and social media response can help shape future disaster response.

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Using ICT and AI to flatten the curve in Republic of Korea

Introducing the AI for Good Webinar Series!Featuring ideas, insights and solutions to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. Dear Reader, The AI for Good team cordially invites you to join us in launching the AI for Good Webinar Series, a free, live series of talks, interviews and panels, featuring inter-disciplinary experts whose ideas, insights and solutions can help humanity leverage […]

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Experts: Spy used AI-generated face to connect with targets

By RAPHAEL SATTER June 13, 2019, Associated Press (This image captured on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 shows part of a LinkedIn profile for someone who identified themselves as Katie Jones. The Associated Press has found it is one of many phantom profiles that lurk on the social media platform. (AP Photo) LONDON (AP) — Katie […]


Algorithmic bias detection and mitigation: Best practices and policies to reduce consumer harms Authors Nicol Turner Lee Paul Resnick Genie Barton The private and public sectors are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) systems and machine learning algorithms to automate simple and complex decision-making processes.[1] The mass-scale digitization of data and the emerging technologies that use them are disrupting most economic sectors, including transportation, retail, advertising, and energy, […]