Why cybersecurity needs a more diverse and inclusive workforce

26 Oct 2021 Lauren ZabierekExecutive Director, Cyber Project, Harvard Kennedy School of Government Algirde PipikaiteLead, Strategic Initiatives, World Economic Forum Cybersecurity is quickly becoming one of the most important industries to safeguard our democratic values. The demand for cybersecurity professionals is rising globally, as cyberattacks are increasing in scale and severity. Here are multiple reasons […]


Facebook changes name to Meta to highlight virtual reality shift

Facebook is changing its name to Meta – a move that decouples its corporate identity from its social network, which has been under increasing fire. By Naomi Nix and Kurt Wagner and Mark BergenBloombergPublished On 28 Oct 2021|Updated: 6 hours ago Facebook Inc. is re-christening itself Meta, decoupling its corporate identity from the eponymous social network mired in toxic […]


Project Empower: Cleveland’s Innovative Approach to Bridging the Digital Divide

Submitted on October 28, 2021 Wednesday, October 28, 2021 Digital Beat Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland suffers from the highest rates of child poverty and the lowest rates of broadband access among the large cities in the United States. Faced with that reality, a Cleveland-based nonprofit, DigitalC, dedicated itself to bringing digital equity […]

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Colleges Are Providing Tech to Students to Shrink the Digital Divide

By Rebecca Koenig     Oct 28, 2021 TWEETSHAREEMAIL When colleges in the California State University system sent students home from campus in spring 2020, it quickly became clear that some students lacked reliable access to the internet or computers through which to participate in their pandemic-era emergency remote courses. Institutions did what they could to help […]


You can now ask Google to scrub images of minors from its search results

October 27, 20214:00 PM ET BILL CHAPPELLTwitter Google says minors and their families can ask for an image to be removed from its search results, in a new policy unveiled Wednesday.Screengrab by NPR Google installed a new policy Wednesday that will allow minors or their caregivers to request their images be removed from the company’s […]

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Global Forum Webinars

WEBINARS In order to continue and deepen the discussion and to enable all those interested in the Global Forum to keep networking despite the COVID-19 situation, thematic discussions in form of live webinar sessions will be organized. Webinar I“Wireless & Wireline Infrastructures: The Upcoming Challenges”“Designing a Regulatory, Policy, Governance Framework Addressing Safety Security & Accountability in […]


Iran’s Raisi says cyberattack on fuel sector designed to ‘make nation angry’

Reuters 2 minute read seconds of 0 secondsVolume 0%  DUBAI, Oct 27 (Reuters) – A cyberattack which disrupted the sale of heavily subsidised gasoline across the Islamic Republic was designed to create “disorder and disruption”, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday. “We need to be equipped and prepared against cyberattacks,” Iranian state media quoted […]

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Giving Cybersecurity Awareness Month the Attention It Deserves

By Nick Lewis, Internet2 Program Manager I know last year and most of this year is still a blur for many of you on campus, but even during these challenging times, there’s still so much going on in the world of cybersecurity! I’m trying to do my part by writing blogs about Cybersecurity Awareness Month and presenting […]


How cyberattacks threaten our safety and well-being

by Jason Jaskolka, Carleton University What would happen if you could no longer use the technological systems that you rely on every day? I’m not talking about your smart phone or laptop computer, but all those systems many of us often take for granted and don’t think about. What if you could not turn on the […]


Nigeria becomes first African nation to roll out digital currency Nigeria’s central bank earlier in February outlawed banks and financial institutions from transacting or operating in cryptocurrencies, saying they posed a threat to the financial system.  By Emele OnuBloombergPublished On 25 Oct 2021 The Central Bank of Nigeria joined a growing list of emerging markets betting on digital money to cut transaction costs and boost participation in the […]