Africa Internet Shutdown

Understanding Internet Shutdowns

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The OPTIMA team at Internews is pleased to introduce you to our upcoming series of three events exploring the impact of Internet shutdowns in Africa.  Over the last eight months, Internews has worked closely with academics, activists, lawyers, and developers across Africa to support the development of locally driven resources to help communities better prepare for, prevent, and predict Internet shutdowns. One of the challenges noted through our work and identified by civil society groups in the region is that despite the increasing prevalence of Internet shutdowns, conversations around them and their impact are still predominately confined to traditional digital rights spaces.

Our team is excited to highlight a collection of research reports, resources, guides, and tools that dive deeper into understanding the nuanced impacts of Internet disruptions in Africa and to generate discussion on how digital rights groups can ally with new stakeholders, develop tools, and engage in research to document the complicated ways in which internet shutdowns impact economies and societies. 

This series of three short events to take place in September will explore:

  • The impact of shutdowns on the healthcare industry
  • Legal strategies to contextualize and fight Internet shutdowns
  • The socioeconomic impact of shutdowns

We will share separate calendar invites for each of the three events in the series which will include more information on speakers, agenda, and associated materials. You may attend as many (or as few) sessions as you wish, and we encourage you to invite others who may be interested in or relevant to the conversations!

Please direct any questions to myself and Laura Schwartz-Henderson ([email protected]).



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