Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (CIGF)

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24 August, 2021 – 25 August, 2021Venue: Zoom Videoconferencing


The Caribbean Internet Governance Forum (CIGF) is a regional, multi-stakeholder forum initiated by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat in 2005 to coordinate a regional approach to Internet Governance (IG), initially focussed on the proceedings of the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).  The forum has since met annually and has delivered significant and pioneering benefits to the region including formulation of a Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework; the proliferation of Internet exchange points (IXPs); capacity building in IG Principles and best practices; and growth in Caribbean influence in international IG fora. The CIGF is the longest running Internet Governance Forum in the world. As we are still being affected by the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, this year the 17th CIGF will be convened once again via online videoconferencing under the auspices of the CTU. The remote working protocols occasioned by COVID-19 have demonstrated a new urgency for digital transformation. The 17th CIGF will address various work streams of Internet governance necessary to seize this opportunity for accelerated adoption in a trusted and secure manner, and position the Caribbean for sustainable, ICT-driven post-COVID recovery. It will also continue work to update the regionally harmonised policy framework for Internet governance.


  • Consider Internet governance policies and initiatives for priority attention to facilitate COVID-19 response and recovery
  • Review regional vision, priorities and approaches for sustainably building and/or strengthening consensus and action on IG issues in the Caribbean
  • Build national capacity and systems in IG to enable, support, strengthen and sustain effective Caribbean participation and representation at regional and global Internet Governance fora


  • Academia
  • Civil society
  • Government policy makers and IT Managers
  • Internet users
  • Internet service providers and Telecommunications operators
  • International organisations
  • ICT Regulators