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Singapore will work with UN member states to bridge digital divide: Iswaran

Yuen Sin PUBLISHED5 HOURS AGO FACEBOOKTWITTER SINGAPORE – While Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of digital transformation around the world, it has also heightened the risk of divisions between “the digital haves and have-nots,” said Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran on Tuesday (April 27). Singapore will continue to work closely with the member […]

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Ottawa’s move to regulate video posts on YouTube and social media called ‘assault’ on free speech Critics say if the Bill C-10 amendment is really meant to control the online posting of unlicensed music, TV and movies, a copyright approach would be the proper mechanismAuthor of the article:Anja Karadeglija The Liberal-dominated House of Commons Heritage committee has cleared the way for the federal government to regulate video content on internet […]

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It’s 2021. Why is Redlining Still Happening?

By  Jenna Leventoff  April 26, 2021 Broadband Access, Digital Divide, Digital Redlining A lot of people who live in low-income or marginalized communities — including urban, rural and Tribal communities — can tell you that they have super slow broadband (if they even have it at all). Meanwhile, just a few blocks away, a hamlet over, or just outside the […]


Verisign expects huge domain growth in 2021

Kevin Murphy, April 22, 2021, 21:06:53 (UTC), Domain Registries Verisign tonight significantly upgraded its estimate of how many .com and .net domains it expects to sell this year, citing an improving economy and increased growth in online commerce. CEO Jim Bidzos told analysts that it’s now expecting its domain base to increase by 4% to 5.5% […]

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It Will Take a Lot More Than Money to Fix the Digital Divide

Joe Biden’s goal to get internet to every American is a lot tougher than it looks. BY AARON MAKAPRIL 22, 20215:50 AM When the world locked down a year ago, the internet suddenly became many people’s only portal to services, goods, and one another. They may not have felt like it at the time, but […]


New Australian cyber package includes AU$37.5m Indo-Pacific investment

The Australian government has updated its 2017 International Cyber Engagement Strategy, focusing this time around on ‘values, security, and prosperity’ to guide Australia’s international cyber and critical technology engagement. By Asha Barbaschow | April 21, 2021 — 05:13 GMT (22:13 PDT) | Topic: Security The Australian government has launched a new strategy aimed at uplifting the cybersecurity capabilities of […]

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You May Have Internet Access, But Millions Do Not

THOSE PUSHING FOR BROADBAND ACCESS IN UNDERSERVED COMMUNITIES INCLUDE THE NATIONAL URBAN LEAGUE AND REP. JIM CLYBURN.     PHOTO BY PATRICK T. FALLONBY DONNA OWENS · APRIL 7, 2021 Whether it’s a Zoom call for work, online classes for students, telehealth consultations, E-commerce, or staying connected to family and friends, digital access has become even more critical […]

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Universal Broadband: The Perpetual Problem

JEANINE KIM | APRIL 13, 2021 March again. Marking the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, this month is a testament to both the strength of the American people and the relentless longevity of the pandemic. More, it is a glaring reminder of the failures in the government’s response to this public health crisis. […]


The movement to end targeted internet ads

A new movement wants to ban pesky ads that track you around the internet. BY NICHOLAS VINOCURApril 2, 2021 4:56 pm PRESS PLAY TO LISTEN TO THIS ARTICLE Voiced by Amazon Polly Europe has tried to police privacy online with mixed results. Now a growing movement suggests it’s time to go much further — by imposing an all-out […]


The woman who took on Google and won

By James ClaytonNorth America technology reporterPublished17 hours agoShare Everyone has their breaking point. And when it comes it can be a small thing, an incident that usually wouldn’t matter. Shannon Wait’s moment was when her Google-issued water bottle broke. The data centre she worked in was hot, so she asked for another one. However, she […]