Internet Way of Networking (IWN) project

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ISOC Internet Way of Networking (IWN) project’s Policy Development Process (PDP) on the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit. We are grateful that you took the time to send in such thoughtful feedback. The IWN team has reviewed your feedback and incorporated it into the final Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit.
You can view the PDP report in the member portal. Simply login and go to the “Consultations” Tab”. From there, you can see the “Past Consultation” section where you will be able to find the Policy Development Process: The Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit record.

On behalf of the Internet Way of Networking team, I am pleased to announce today’s launch of the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit . 
As you know, our objective is to create a powerful narrative that empowers the Internet Society and its community of chapters and members better understand the foundation that underpins the success of the Internet. By defining the critical properties of the Internet, we now have a baseline against which new developments – from technology proposals to regulatory interventions – can be analyzed. Thanks to your support, we achieved our first major milestone towards this ultimate goal with the release of the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit’s core tools: 

  • Introduction to the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit 
  • The Internet Way of Networking: Defining the Critical Properties of the Internet 
  • Use Case on Interconnection and Routing 
  • Use Case on Intermediary Liability 
  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Infographic 
  • Promotional Video 

Given your valuable input was a critical part of its development, I encourage you to help us spread awareness of the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit by sharing it with your colleagues and amplifying on your social networks.
SUGGESTED TWEET: Today,@internetsociety released a new tool to help policymakers, technologists, & Internet users assess how their actions could impact the architecture of the Internet. Check out the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit (#IIAT) to protect what makes the Internet a resource for everyone.
We believe the Internet Impact Assessment Toolkit is a great step towards helping the Internet Society and its global community make sure the Internet can reach its full potential – bringing connectivity, innovation, and empowerment to all. 

Best regards,The IWN Team…