Universal Acceptance

What is Universal Acceptance?

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What is Universal Acceptance?

Universal Acceptance (UA) is a fundamental requirement for a truly multilingual and digitally inclusive Internet. UA ensures that all domain names, including long new TLDs and IDNs, and email addresses are treated equally and can be used by all Internet-enabled applications, devices, and systems. Technically, they must accept, validate, store, process, and display all domain names equally, consistently, and correctly.

Until Universal Acceptance is achieved, it is not possible to provide a consistent and positive experience for all Internet users.

What it Addresses

Universal Acceptance addresses an issue that prevents some Internet users from successfully completing transactions online. The problem can arise when applications reject or don’t treat all parts of the domain name correctly, which can occur if those domain names are longer than three characters (e.g., .photography) or in different languages and scripts (e.g., .рф for “Russia Federation” in the Cyrillic script).

Why it Matters

To excel in the long run, organizations and businesses need to ensure that their systems and services will work with the continuously expanding and evolving domain name space. When organizations and businesses are UA-ready, they set themselves up for future success and prospective business growth by supporting their customers’ chosen identities.

UA-ready websites, applications, and services lead to better user experiences. When a company is UA-ready, email addresses in any script from any domain name can be used. When a site is UA-ready, it will allow customers with new TLDs and IDNs to successfully use the site and its forms.

Are You EAI-Ready?

Check to see if your mail server advertises support for receiving internationalized email addresses: https://uasg.tech/eai-check/.

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