Speed Test your Internet Connectivity

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What is it? Since we last wrote a little over a week ago, Measurement Lab has partnered with NDIA, X-Lab, Marconi Society and Institute of Local Self Reliance to set up a speed test and survey portal to collect geolocated, at-home Internet Performance data, during our time of increased teleworking and remote learning. The Digital Inclusion @ Home research questions include: 

  • Can home connectivity support all of the traditional offline activities that have now moved online (i.e., teleconferencing instead of face-to-face meetings, video streaming instead of lectures, etc.)?
  • What fraction of people are able to meet the performance level required by telepresence requirements?
  • Which constituencies are facing additional detrimental impacts of telework and teleschooling due to poor broadband speeds?
  • Are some networks unable to cope with the sudden shift in demand? 

Preaching to the choir here, but as more and more services move online (banking, government, healthcare, community organizing, etc.) it becomes increasingly clear that accessible broadband is an essential tool in daily life. The data collected by the portal will enable these organizations to advocate for community broadband needs, both during and after COVID-19, using user-focused, crowd-sourced information.
You can read more about the campaign here and take the survey and speed test here
How do I support? 1. Take the survey! 2. Push out to your networks! You can – use the pre-written blurb here  – mention us in a tweet (@netinclusion @MarconiSociety @ilsr @xlabrocks @measurementlab)- retweet us here If you would like to be listed as a Supporting Partner, please reply directly with your logo and website. 
Please let us know (through direct reply or to [email protected]) if you have any feedback or questions. 

Lai Yi OhlsenProject Director, Measurement