COVID-19 Resource Page

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This resource page was created to help higher education institutions plan for possible campus disruption by COVID-19, or Coronavirus 19—a respiratory disease caused by a novel (new) coronavirus. This virus has been detected in the United States (CDC, COVID19 Summary).

For further information concerning the source and spread of the disease:

Campuses Respond

A growing list of schools have begun to move their courses online due to the proximity to outbreaks of the virus in their communities. Please see Colleges and Universities Closed or Moved Online for COVID-19 for an updated list of closures.

Join our CIO or IT Communications Community Groups to engage with colleagues regarding campus planning on this issue.

Higher Education Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness Information

The higher education community is monitoring the possible impact this virus could have on their institutions, many schools have already updated their continuity planning to reflect this situation. (Examples below)

Campus Advisory Information

Below are some examples of how universities are communicating about this disease and the advisory messages they are posting to their communities:

Alternative Educational Delivery Methods

In case of disruptive events that prevent students and staff from meeting face-to-face, learning institutions are developing instructional continuity plans to move the classroom online. (Examples below)

Working Remotely

Many campuses are facing the disruption of routine work and/or academic functions due to prolonged/indefinite campus or building closures. Here are a few examples of institutions offering resources to work or teach a class from off campus:

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(Updated March 13, 2020)

Key Resources