MAG 2020 Members

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Below is the list of MAG members appointed by the UN Secretary-General for 2020, with affiliations, stakeholder groups and terms served, including the current one. The list is followed by links to the previous MAGs, from 2011 to 2019.

This list includes former IGF Host Country representatives as well as representatives of intergovernmental organizations that contribute to the MAG‘s work. 


  • Mr. Afonso, Carlos Alberto (Civil Society, 2 terms)
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Executive Director, Nupef Institute
  • Ms. AlHashimi, Hana (Government, 2 terms)
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  – Advisor, United Arab Emirates Permanent Mission to the United Nations
  • Ms. Astbrink, Gunela (Technical Community, 1 term)
    Australia – Board Member, International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet
  • Ms. Baniala, Dalsie (Technical Community1, 3 terms)
    Port Vila, Vanuatu – Advisor, National Regulator ‎
  • Ms. Cadena, Sylvia (Technical Community, 3 terms)
  • Bogota, Colombia/Australia2 – Head of Programe, APNIC Foundation
  • Ms. Canales Loebel, Maria Paz (Civil Society, 2 terms)
    Santiago, Chile – Representative, Civil Society Coordination Group
  • Ms. Cassa, Concettina (Government, 3 terms)
  • Rome, Italy – ICT Senior Specialist, Agency for Digital Italy
  • Mr. Castex, Lucien (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    Paris, France –  Research Associate, Teaching Fellow/ Secretary General, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3/ ISOC France
  • Ms. Chair, Chenai (Civil Society, 2 terms)
    Cape Town, South Africa/Zimbabwe3 – Communications Manager and Evaluations Advisor, Research ICT Africa
  • Ms. Chalmers, Susan (Government, 2 terms)
    Washington D.C., USA – Internet Policy Specialist, National Telecommunications and Information and Administration (NTIA), US Department of Commerce
  • Mr. Charlton, Paul (Government, 2 terms)
    Ottawa, Canada – Senior Policy Advisor, International Telecommunications and Internet Policy Directorate, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)
  • Mr. Chharia, Rajesh (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    New Delhi, India – CEO, CJ Online Private Limited; APNIC Secretary Executive Committee;  President, Internet Service Providers Association (ISPAI)
  • Mr. Chukov, Roman (Government, 2 terms)
    Moscow, Russia – Research fellow, Federal State Budgetary Science Institute of Economy of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Ms. Chung, Jennifer (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    Hong Kong S.A.R., China – Director of Corporate Knowledge, Dot Asia
  • Ms. Clarke-Hinds, Shelley-Ann (Government, 3 terms)
    Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain – Executive Manager for external ICT relations, Ministry of Public Administration and Communications
  • Ms. Croll, Jutta (Civil Society, 3 terms)
    Berlin, Germany – Chairwoman of the Board and Project Manager, Stiftung Digitale Chancen
  • Ms. Dahmani, Wafa (Government, 3 terms)
    Tunis, Tunisia – Internet Resource Manager, Tunisian Internet Agency ATI
  • Ms. Edoh, Afi (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    Lome, Togo – Network and System Engineer/ Cofounder and CTO, E-hub and Afrotribune
  • Mr. Espinosa, Amado (Private Sector, 1 term)
    Mexico – CEO, Medisist Inc.
  • Ms. Galpaya, Helani (Civil Society, 3 terms)
    Colombo, Sri Lanka – CEO, LIRNEasia
  •  Ms. Galstyan, Lianna (Civil Society, 3 terms)
    Yerevan, Armenia – External Relations Manager, ISOC Armenia
  • Ms. Glavor, Nataša (Government, 3 terms)
    Zagreb, Croatia – Data Analyst, CARNet
  • Mr. Gridl, Rudolf (Government, 3 terms)
    Berlin, Germany – Head of Unit, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Ms. Harsianti, Juliana (Civil Society, 2 terms)
    Jakarta, Indonesia – Journalist and researcher, ISOC and Global Voices
  • Ms. Jallow, Adama (Civil Society, 3 terms)
    Banjul, Gambia – Tech Coordinator, Give1 Project Gambia
  • Mr. Jevtović, Danko (Technical Community, 3 terms)
    Belgrade, Serbia – Partner, Jugodata
  • Mr. Karim, Attoumani Mohamed (Private Sector, 1 term)
    Comoros – Manager, Telecom Comores SA
  • Mr. Khanal, Raj Ananda (Government, 2 terms)
    Kathmandu, Nepal – Senior Director, National Telecommunication Authority
  • Mr. Malcolm, Jeremy (Civil Society, 3 terms)
    Perth, Australia4 – Executive Director, Prostasia Foundation 
  • Mr. Markovski, Veni (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    Sofia, Bulgaria – Vice-President for UN Engagement, ICANN
  • Ms. Muñoz Zumbado, Maricela (Government, 3 terms)
    San Jose, Costa Rica – Counselor, Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the UN Office at Geneva
  • Mr. Ndoumba, Eric Armel (Government, 1 term)
    Congo – Advisor, Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy
  • Ms. Parris, June  (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    Bridgetown, Barbados – Research Associate, Halaqah Media 
  • Mr. Perez, Ricardo Andres (Government, 2 terms)
    Buenos Aires, Argentina – Director of Convergence and New Technologies, ICT Secretariat
  • Mr. Regoje, Nebojša (Government, 3 terms)
    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Head of the Public Relations Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ms. Rontal, Mary Rose Ofianga (Private Sector, 2 terms)
    Davao City, Philippines – Founder and Director, Womenpowered Institute
  • Mr. Rowney, Paul (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    Windhoek, Namibia – Board member, Africa Information & Communication Technologies Alliance (AFICTA)
  • Mr. Sheikh, Liban Abdulkadir (Government, 1 term)
    Somalia – Head, National Communication Authority of Somalia, Licensing and Regulatory Department
  • Mr. Seturi, Ucha (Private Sector, 1 term)
    Georgia – Executive Director, Small and Medium Telecom Operator’s Association
  • Mr. Sibul, Heiki (Government, 3 terms)
    Tallinn, Estonia – CEO, Estonia Internet Foundation
  • Ms. Sikingo, Alaa (Government, 2 terms)
    Khartoum, Sudan – Network Security Engineer, Telecommunication and Post Regulatory Authority
  • Mr. Steck, Christoph5 (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    Madrid, Spain – Director, Telefonica
  • Ms. Suto, Timea (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    Romania – Project Coordinator, ICC Basis
  • Mr. Tao, Xiaofeng (Technical Community, 2 terms)
    Beijing, China – Member of the Consultative Committee on ICT for United Nations, China Association for Science and Technology; Professor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Ms. Teleanu, Sorina (Civil Society, 3 terms) 
    Bertea, Romania – Chair, SEEDIG Executive Committee
  • Mr. Tungali, Arsene (Civil Society, 2 terms)
    Lumbashi, DR Congo – Executive Director, Rudi International
  • Ms. Uduma, Mary (Technical Community, 3 terms)
    Abuja, Nigeria – Managing Director, Jaeno Digital Solutions
  • Mr. Wallis, Ben (Private Sector, 3 terms)
    London, United Kingdom – Regulatory Policy Analyst, Microsoft
  • Mr. Zambrana, Roberto (Technical Community, 1 term)
    Bolivia – President, ISOC Chapter Bolivia
  • Mr. Zhaoyo, JI (Government, 1 term)
    China – Counsellor, Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva and ‎other International Organizations