Good Practices for Security of IoT – Secure Software Development Lifecycle

DownloadPDF document, 2.92 MB Ebook http://online.fliphtml5.com/gnel/mdpa/ This ENISA study introduces good practices for IoT security, with a particular focus on software development guidelines for secure IoT products and services throughout their lifetime. Establishing secure development guidelines across the IoT ecosystem, is a fundamental building block for IoT security. By providing good practices on how to […]


Nominations Now Open for 2020 Internet Society Board of Trustees Elections

By Olga Cavalli The Internet Society Nominations Committee is now inviting nominations for candidates to serve on the Board of Trustees. The Board provides strategic direction, inspiration, and oversight to advance the Internet Society’s mission of preserving the open, globally-connected, trustworthy and secure Internet for everyone. In 2020 Chapters will elect two (2) Trustees; Organization […]



PRESS RELEASE CREDO GLOBAL LAUNCHES IN BERLIN Estrel Centre, Berlin, Germany, 27th November 2019 at 4:30pm. Acting Secretary General of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) Fuatai Gisa Purcell gave the keynote address as she officially launched Credo Global. Purcell in her remarks said that “we live in a time of unprecedented crises politically, socially, economically […]

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Making the edit: why we need more women in Wikipedia

https://www.theguardian.com/careers/2019/nov/28/making-the-edit-why-we-need-more-women-in-wikipedia Women make up 15-20% of the editors on Wikipedia. Katherine Maher, who heads up its parent organisation, discusses how she is creating a more gender-balanced communitySupported by Oliver Balch @OLIVERBALCH Thu 28 Nov 2019 16.21 GMTLast modified on Thu 28 Nov 2019 16.23 GMT Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia, boasts an ambitious vision: to make “the sum of […]


IGF Daily Brief: Day Four is Out

Our fourth issue of the IGF Daily Brief, summarising yesterday’s discussions, is fresh off the press. Here are some highlights: Internet infrastructure: Community networks, IPv6 and IoT Creating more trustworthy and transparent AI systems Data governance for developing countries Encryption and trust in the Internet Child safety and digital literacy Promoting Internet access and boosting digital skills Read the IGF Daily Brief 4


IGF Daily Brief 3 is out!

Our third issue of the IGF Daily Brief, summarising yesterday’s discussions, is fresh off the press. Here are the highlights: Inclusiveness and security at the core of the Internet: How can we make the Internet more inclusive? Towards trustworthy AI: How do we regulate this? Data governance frameworks and the risk of fragmentation Peace and conflict in cyberspace – towards a more stable cyberspace Protecting […]

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First target of Singapore’s ‘fake news’ law is Facebook post that alleged a failed state investment in Salt Bae

By Adam Taylor November 25, 2019 at 10:28 a.m. EST Singapore invoked its “fake news” law for the first time Monday, making a citizen amend a Nov. 13 post that the government said used “false and misleading statements” to smear reputations. But the first use of the law did not focus on misinformation sown by a foreign […]

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Egypt Escalates Pressure on Last Major Independent News Site

Security forces raided the publication’s office, detaining three editors, the day after arresting another editor. By Nada Rashwan CAIRO — Egyptian security forces on Sunday escalated their pressure on the last major independent news outlet in the country, raiding its offices and temporarily detaining three top editors. Another editor of the publication, Mada Masr, had been arrested […]