Beijing Normal University Internet Institute holds inauguration ceremony

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12019-06-19 : Mo Hong’e
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In the morning of June 19, 2019, the Beijing Normal University Internet Institute was inaugurated and the China Internet Corporate Social Responsibility Summit was held in Beijing.

As a tribute to the 25th anniversary of China’s accessing the internet, the institute released the “2019 Research Report on Corporate Social Responsibility of Chinese Internet Enterprises (I)”.

Eight industries including e-commerce, social networking, video, transportation, car service, healthcare, tourism and online gaming were selected in the report to go through a screening and studying process on 110 analysis objects reflecting social value, product and service responsibility, entrepreneur responsibility, responsibility management and public welfare, as well as negative impacts.

The report found that:

1. Alibaba (Taobao, T-mall) in e-commerce and Tencent (WeChat, QQ) in social networking both scored 65.40, ranking first in their industries;

2. In other six industries, Kuaishou of video (55.58), Meituan Dache of transportation (47.51), Tuhu of car service (51.04), WeDoctor of healthcare (60.78), Ctrip of tourism (60.19) and 37 Interactive Entertainment of network gaming (49.40) came out first in their respective industries.

3. On the whole, there is a big difference in social responsibility indexes for the eight industries. Healthcare has the best overall performance (average score: 50.54), while the average scores of network gaming, video and transportation are respectively 42.95, 42.75 and 38.14.

4. On product/service responsibility, video performs well (average score: 69.95), while tourism scores comparatively poorly (average score: 62.82).

5. On entrepreneur responsibility, healthcare and tourism performed best (74-point average), while transportation did badly (55-point average).

6. On public welfare, tourism and e-commerce had a good showing.

7. On social value, network gaming scored significantly lower than the other 7 industries.

8. Judging from public opinion, there is still some room for improvement between the performances of various industries and the expectations of the public.

9. Overall, the Internet Corporate Social Responsibility Management System needs to be further improved.

Further research will be made by the institute in a variety of areas to reflect overall performance in corporate social responsibility by Chinese internet companies.

With efforts like these, Chinese internet companies will be more conscious of CSR and be better enabled to carry it out, which will help promote the healthy and orderly development of the internet and meet people’s demand for a better life in the information age.

BNU Internet Institute, a non-profit academic research institution directly under Beijing Normal University, is a policy-based cross-disciplinary high-end think tank.

The institute has centers for network communication, digital economy and industrial policy, internet corporate social responsibility, network rule of law, network information technology innovation, network security policy, international governance of cyberspace and network ethics and civilization.

The institute will focus on the development of the global internet, meet major strategic needs of the country, uphold an objective, independent and fair academic stance, carry out research on internet development and governance, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in cyberspace and make the internet better benefit mankind and society.

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