Internet Shutdown

Liberian Government Shuts Down The Internet In Response To Protest

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Posted Sat 08 Jun 2019 by Farai Mudzingwa(@FariM9)

Former footballer and current Liberian President, George Weah, has had a tumultuous time leading the West African nation. Shortly after coming to power, Weah’s administration lost (yuhp, lost) a container with US$104 million in bank notes and now the same administration has decided to shut down the internet in response to protests against their leadership.advertisement

It seems this is fast becoming the default response for African states whenever they want to quell any rebellion. It’s reported that the Libyan state banned WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were all blocked in order to disrupt the “Save the State” protests.

Liberia is not the only country to shut down the internet in response to protests, as ZimbabweGabonGambia, Egypt, DRC and Chad are all among African countries that have decided that turning of social media is a better alternative to good governance.advertisement

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