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Internet Then and Now: Lee Ranine

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Lee Rainie, Pew Internet Research reflected at the Digital Divide Conference in Washington on May 22 nd . His summary of his comments include

  • In Sept 2000 , 41% were called eagers who were active online, 25% were reluctant and 31 said never
  • In Sept 2000, 62% white, 58% black and 48% hispanic
  • In Sept 2018 No racial difference more a class difference
  • Higher income have better and higher speed access
  • Suburban vs rural disparity 3/4 rural access is slower access
  • 2/3 of seniors use internet. a drop after 75 slides
  • People with disabilities lower access
  • Spanish speakers also have lower access
  • Reasons not using the Internet- fear, hate technology cost etc
  • Now 2/3 have Broadband access
  • 95% of Americans have a cell phone- smart phone as their connectivity access point
  • Deficient exists between Smart Phone and non smart phone users- One out of Seven Americans are Smart Phone dependent

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