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How the City of San Rafael is activating a delivery-driven governmentThe founding vision of Code for America is for a government that works by the people, for the people, in the digital age. And we’re lucky that we get to meet many of the public servants who are doing that work in their cities and counties at our annual Code for America Summit.“It’s about finding things to say yes to, when government is just so dang good at saying no.” —Rebecca Woodbury, Director of Digital Service & Open Government, City of San RafaelWhen the City of San Rafael launched Together San Rafael, they started by working with cross-departmental teams at all levels of the City organization to create a set of guiding principles for the initiative. But they soon discovered that simply having these guiding principles on paper was not enough. So they partnered with CivicMakers, a group they met at the Code for America Summit that specializes in the application of human-centered design in the public sector. With CivicMakers’ help, they have found a way to bring the guiding principles of delivery-driven government into practice: through their creation of Learning Labs, where teams come together to come up with creative solutions to civic problems; their empowerment of city staff to be laser-focused on outcomes, rather than output; and their active community engagement and outreach. Read their story.

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