DC3 Community Networks Call for Comments

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Please find the first draft of the Model Policy for Community Networks that I proposed to elaborate as DC3 main outcome for 2019

The draft is based on several works DC3 and its members have developed over the past couple of years. The goal is indeed to consolidate as much as possible the document on which there is already a reasonable degree of consensus and shared thinking.

Please feel free to modify the text, add references, comments [better to add comments into square brackets] and propose tweaks that you find useful.

I would like to discuss this text also at the DC3 RightsCon session (that is the merger of the original DC3 proposal and a proposal put forward by DEF India) to be able to have a new version in a couple of months  that we can than discuss and comment ahead of our IGF session.

Ideally, it would be good to have a finalized consensus document before the IGF but we could also use the IGF as a further moment for discussion, if needed.

Looking forward to hearing your reactions

All the best

Luca Bella

Contact information

Luca Belli, PhD
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation+55 21 3799 5763  t @1lucabelliPraia de Botafogo, 190 13º andarBotafogo – Rio de Janeiro, RJ – CEP: 22250-900 [email protected]internet-governance.fgv.br

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